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About our Album

If music is an energy source, we are very fortunate to have this energy. The great thing about this source is that it doesn’t marginalize anybody. It doesn’t separate one from the other by who or what someone is. Rich or poor, coloured or white, faithful and faithless. This energy doesn’t hold anybody above anyone else and treats everyone equally. My roots come from a place where this energy source is abundant. In these lands people from different tribes, cultures and beliefs have lived and are still living with this energy. Despite all the difficulties this energy had and still has an undying influence among people and their surrounding. This source embraces peace and friendship and at its basis lies unity and solidarity. The source of this energy is in Anatolia and is magical and infinite.  

With the wave of immigration that began from Turkey to Europe in 1964, our ancestors carried this miracle energy with them. I personally am so proud that my father brought this culture, music and energy to the Netherlands. Therefore, I would like to thank my father for raising me with this music and for giving me this source of energy.

In our first album, we are happy to share this energy with you in our own style. We paid great attention to have variation in style and rhythm in the selection of our music and tried to create a unique sound. Our album consists of 7 traditional Anatolian folk songs and two new composed songs. We made these arrangements in our own style. Some call this style Anatolian rock or Anatolian progressive music. But we as band call it MAKAS style. One of the works that we have recorded is the song “Dinazor” translated in english as Dinosaur, bearing the name of this album. The composer of this song is my precious teacher Erol PARLAK. I would like to thank my teacher for allowing us to be the first to record this song and arrange it in our own way. The song “Dünden bugüne” in English “From past till present” is one of the songs where i had inner struggle and needed to put it in this album. Because we human beings can not stop the wars and battles among each other from generation to generation. This song is born from a sense of desperation. I hope the next generation will live in a world full of harmony and peace. I would like to thank Asik ARMANI, my friend and master who helped me to write this song. I want to convey our respect and love to all our friends who have contributed to this album. We have enjoyed working with talented people like you.

Well then ! Feel the power of this album and share the energy !

Şahin (MAKAS)


  1. Bugün ayın üçüdür                     Lyrics-Music: Anonymous. Source: Ibrahim Yıldırım
  2. Çayın öte yüzünde                    Lyrics-Music: Anonymous. Source N Balcı, N Eşkinat
  3. Dinazor                                    Lyrics-Music: Erol Parlak
  4. Gökte yıldız ay misun                Lyrics-Music: Anonymous. Source: Hasan Sözeri
  5. Atım araptır benim                     Lyrics-Music: Anonymous. Source: Micup Arciman
  6. Rodos semahı                           Lyrics-Music: Anonymous.
  7. Dünden bugüne                       Lyrics: Aşık Armanı, Şahin Music: Şahin
  8. Altın yüzük var benim                Lyrics-Music: Anonymous. Source: Sarı Recep
  9. Zeytinyağlı yiyemem                 Lyrics-Music: Anonymous. Source: Ihsan Kaplan

Şahin: Bağlama, cura, bendir, lead vocal, backing vocal 

Chai Stofkoper: Bass guitar

Murat Yıldız: Electric guitar, percussion: wooden spoons

Ahmet Levent Timuçin Aksuer: acoustic guitar, electric rhythm guitar, backing vocal

Oguzhan Abdulmalik Türk: Synthesizer/ keyboards

Emine Bostanci: Tırnak kemençesi/klasik kemençe

Ruben Ramirez: Drums

Recording studio: Studiobizz

Art director, recording and mixing engineer: A.L. Timuçin Aksuer

Recording assistent: Peter van Tilburg

Music arrangements made by: Şahin. Murat, Dekan Önder,  A.L. Timuçin Aksuer.

Mastering: Igor Vokjan

Graphic design: Mustafa Türk

Dinosaur image: Arak Rattanawijittakorn / 123RF 



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