After working with various bands and different musical projects, Şahin (vocals, baglama / saz) decides to start a new band in 2012. Şahin's wish is to play Anatolian melodies and his own compositions in a different style and interpretation. After working with several musicians the bands current formation  since 2015 is the following. The experienced keyboard player Dekan takes part since 2012 in the band. Dekan finds the approach to Anatolian music in combination with Western instruments very challenging and decides to take part in this adventure. The way in which Dekan plays the keys gives exactly the color of the sound that Sahin has in mind.Ӧzgür Kilinç (basgitar) joins the band in 2015  and shortly after Çetin Yumurtaci (drummer) joins the band. Based on there experience in rock music Ӧzgür and Çetin bring some ruggedness to the music. Together they form a strong rhythm section. Murat Yildiz, completed this line-up. Murat uses various effects to make his guitar sound even more melancholic, matching the style and saz playing of Şahin. This is how the musical journey begins.

The style of the band is something progressive rock and a bit of Baris Manço, Cem Karaca, Erkin Koray, Üç Hürel and Moǧollar (icons of Anatolian rock).

The lyrics of the music are about injustice, friendship and love. The band calls itself MAKAS, which means literally translated from Turkish, SCISSORS.




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