Growing up in the Netherlands, as a son of first generation Turkish immigrants, Şahin feels a need to explore all the influences of music and culture around him: The Turkish traditional folk music, the famous Anatolian rock bands, and the rock and pop music  that he hears in his childhood through his fathers collection of vinyl records. To unite these styles, representing a new generation of Anatolian music, as well as a new generation of Dutch musicians with roots in it's history of immigration and melting of cultures, that becomes the dream.

After playing in a number of bands and studying with some of the grand masters of Turkish folk music he finally starts off with MAKAS. The decision is made: This band will make it, it will fine tune the music to match his imagination, and will bring it to whoever wants to hear it: Young people, old people, from any background because: "This originates in a specific time and place, but is for anyone to hear. Anyone can find a melody that resonates, or some riffs to rock along with".

The name MAKAS is Turkish for scissors. It is an image that portrays hope, freedom and courage: "Even though sometimes it is difficult to see there is always an option to cut loose anything that is dragging you down and holding you back."

Over the years the band has seen several personnel changes and currently consists of five members: Dekan on keyboards, who has been with Şahin from the very beginning, who brings atmospheres and samples to infuse the music with the air of the Anatolian mountains. Murat on guitars, adding the power of rock and seamlessly joining in on the traditional melodies. And the foundation is laid down by Chai on bass, and Thom on drums. They make it rock, they make it move, and when needed, take a step back and sit there to let the music take off support whatever the music needs. Mostly melodies from the east, either played or sung by the voice of Şahin, a voice and a presence that you will not easily forget. Dipping in tradition, and in the emotions of struggle against injustice, of friendship and love, hearts across the world have been touched and continue to wait for MAKAS' return.

MAKAS has played on international stages and festivals in Holland, Belgium, Germany, England and Turkey, and they will not stop there. "This music needs to be heard, and we intend to bring it to you wherever you are."

The first record "Dinazor" came out in 2020 and the dust has not yet settled! However as of 2022 the band has teamed up again with acclaimed producer Timucin Aksuer for their second production. Fans are waiting impatiently and many have already supported the group by sponsoring it in advance!

In the words of one of the founders of Anatolian rock as a genre, Taner Ongur of the legendary band Moğollar: "Shortly said, MAKAS is one of the most important representatives of the Anatolian rock genre of today"



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