Oct 25 2023

MAKAS at WOMEX in A coruña

The band MAKAS will also be present again this year at WOMEX in A coruña Spain and will ...
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Oct 26 2022

MAKAS at WOMEX Lisbon Portugal

Lo Boelhouwers of the Makas foundation represented the band MAKAS at WOMEX Lisbon Portugal.  Where he met several people ...
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Jun 11 2022

MAKAS performance in Londen UK

Great concert at the 11th Britanya Alevi festivali in London. MAKAS was for the third time in London. ...
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May 16 2022

Kings day celebrations of Holland in Gaziantep Turkey!

Makas is proud to have been a part of the King's Day celebrations in Gaziantep Turkey. Our first ...
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May 8 2022

Bevrijdingsfestival 5 mei 2022

We had a special and meaningful concert at the Liberation festival of Holland. Down below is our speech ...
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Mar 30 2022

MAKAS has won the hearts of the people in Adana

Supported bij the Dutch embassy in Ankara the Anatolian Rock Band Makas successfully represented the Netherlands and won the 🧡 hearts of  the ...
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Mar 1 2022

MAKAS will go to the Orange Blossom Carnival 2022 in ADANA Turkey

MAKAS is invited to the Orange Blossom Carnival in Adana Turkey. With the support of the Dutch embassy ...
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Aug 1 2021

MAKAS looks back at 6 fabulous “Balkonscènes” concerts on very special locations.

MAKAS looks back at 6 fabulous “Balkonscènes” concerts on very special locations.  The first two concert were at ...
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Jun 14 2021

“Van verleden naar heden” tour

From past to present tour: Between the 1970s and the 1980s, many guest workers, especially from Turkey and ...
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Jun 7 2021


Balcony scenes The band MAKAS is entering into a partnership with companies that make special (local) products and ...
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May 29 2021

Spotlight: Dinazor album Makas

The Dinazor album of our band MAKAS is selected as “record of the week” at Diggers Recordstore!!! A ...
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Jan 1 2021

MAKAS gets the 2nd place of the Sessions Countdown

MAKAS band ranked 2nd among 160 groups that attended the “Sessions” concerts in the Netherlands. Thank you very ...
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Dec 31 2020

MAKAS made it to the top 3 of the Sessions Countdown

Dear followers thanks to your votes MAKAS band made it to the top 3. On 31 december at ...
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Dec 21 2020

MAKAS is in the TOP 10 of the Sessions Countdown

Great news !!! Thanks to your votes MAKAS band is selected among 160 bands in the top 10 ...
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Dec 6 2020

Sessions Countdown

Dear followers, We have a chance to get into the top 3 of the “The Sessions Countdown”! From ...
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Oct 26 2020

Istanbul Ekspres concerts ” De Centrale Gent”

MAKAS is going to perform at the 11th edition of Istanbul ekspres concerts at " De Centrale Gent" ...
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Jun 1 2020

Isolation Sessions MAKAS at the Effenaar

After our concert with Mogollar on February 29th 2020 we were forced to cancel our other upcoming concerts, ...
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Apr 1 2020

Ayzer Danga about Makas

I listened to the album Dinazor of MAKAS band in the style of Anatolian Rock.  I found different nuances ...
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Feb 29 2020

Amazing concert with Moğollar at Effenaar

We had an amazing concert together with Moğollar. Thank you for coming and hopefully we will see you ...
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Feb 26 2020

Moğollar and Makas on stage at Effenaar Eindhoven “Proeftuinen”

The band “Moğollar” one of the founders of Anatolian Psychedelic rock music in Turkey will be at 29 ...
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Taner Ongur

Feb 11 2020

Taner Öngür about MAKAS

Taner Öngür, Bass player of the Anatolian Rock band Moğollar The band Makas stands out within the new generation ...
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Jan 19 2020

Kurtalan ekspres + Makas on stage in Germany

We had an amazing concert on 17 January 2020, with Kurtalan Ekspres and Makas in Oberhausen Germany. One ...
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Dec 22 2019

Matrix Rotterdam

28 december 2019 - This years final concert of MAKAS at MATRIX, a great venue in Rotterdam! This ...
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Dec 6 2019

MAKAS at Bossche Brouwers – ‘s-Hertogenbosch

This is our second time that we are going to perform at Bossche Brouwers in 's-Hertogenbosch. Like the ...
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Nov 4 2019

The legends of Anatolian Rock

It's been a long time since we have performed in Amsterdam. We are back for an awesome performance at CANA ...
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Aug 26 2019

MAKAS in Istanbul

MAKAS will be at 29 august 2019, live on stage at Mask Live Pera Beyoglu - Istanbul 🔥
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Aug 25 2019

Newspaper Cumhuriyet

Newspaper Cumhuriyet 25 august 2019, about MAKAS tour in Turkey!!! 🤘😎🤘🔥…/Makas__Zeytinli_ye_geliyor_.…
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Aug 12 2019

Record of the Week

Lefter Records in Berlin in Germany has selected our MAKAS Dinazor album as “record of the week” 🙏 ...
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Artword CD Dinazor Makas

Aug 10 2019

Taner Öngür about our album Dinazor

A nice comment of the very precious musician Taner Öngür about our Dinozar Album and Anatolian Rock. Thank ...
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Aug 1 2019

Back on Stage magazin interview

Şahin the founder of MAKAS band had an interview with Back on Stage magazine. The interview was published ...
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Jul 31 2019

Hayal Kahvesi Bandirma

MAKAS will be on stage at Hayal Kahvesi Bandirma in Turkey - 30 august 2019🔥😎🔥
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Zeytinli Rock Festival

Jul 12 2019


The Zeytinli Rock Festival has for many years united the most popular artists of Turkish rock music with ...
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Vinyl album Makas band

Jun 23 2019

You can now pre-order our vinyl album MAKAS -Dinazor !!!

Finally, we can announce that our debut album is brought out by Pharaway Sounds. Pharaway sounds is a ...
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Interview with Şahin the founder of the band MAKAS

An interview of Şahin, the founder of the band MAKAS, with a famous music magazine in Turkey “ ...
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UK Tour

And the #Dinazor album release tour continues! After the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany it’s the UK’s turn to ...
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Artwork Dinazor Makas

Mar 12 2019

About our Album

If music is an energy source, we are very fortunate to have this energy. The great thing about ...
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Mar 11 2019

Our merchandise has arrived

Our merchandise just arrived! ?You can buy it at our album release concerts! ??
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Mar 5 2019

CD ‘s arrived

The CD version of our first album Dinazor finally arrived and are soon ready for order!
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CD Makas Band

Feb 16 2019

New release Dinazor

The Dutch-Anatolian band MAKAS was founded in 2012 by the lead singer Sahin. His drive is to play ...
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Makas band live

Feb 7 2019

Upcoming concert

Check our Concert dates!!!!
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