Ayzer Danga about Makas

I listened to the album Dinazor of MAKAS band in the style of Anatolian Rock.  I found different nuances and flavors in every song. Most importantly, it made me happy that it was a work that smelled of Anatolian rock sounds, and not a replication of typical Western sounds. Because today they call the works in the format of songs, Anatolian Rock.

I think that the work should be interpreted in the Western form but staying loyal to his Anatolian rhythm and sounds. So, by staying true to the essence of the traditional Turkish folk music, it should harmonize with a modern understanding and reach the richness of polyphonic sounds. I think that this should be the way of interpreting the Anatolian Rock style what originally was intended by the founder of the name of this genre “Anatolian Rock” Taner Öngür. When I set out with these thoughts, the Dinazor album of the band MAKAS is very successful in the Anatolian Rock style, rich on harmony and rhythm. I enjoyed listening to it very much. I am sure that you will also enjoy while listening to this album. I wish the continuation of the success of the band MAKAS. And I am also happy to say that they are a good representative of the Anatolian rock style in Europe. 

Love and respect. Ayzer Danga



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